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Welcome to all about plants and animals where you will learn and see pictures about plants and animals.     Hello everyone. Welcome to all about plants and animals.tk  and blog. Please learn some useful facts on this website. We will post about 1 new plant and 1 new animal a week ,and we will update our blog Weekly with more facts about the plant and animal we are focusing on that week. If you have a request on witch plant or animal you would like of if you would like to request information on the plant or animal we are

focusing on that week we would love it please either use are contact us page or email us at allaboutplantsandanimals@yahoo.com  We will still have our plant and animal after the week it was posted ,and still post a new one every week. Click At the top of this page, to sign up for our email club with newsletters about plants and animals. 



This is a Venus fly trap it catches bugs who come near it. Look at the picture above to see how it works.

This is a cute Shar Pei puppy.


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